A Comprehensive Guide to Business Analyst Salaries Worldwide

In the bustling world of business, there’s a role that’s crucial yet often overlooked – the Business Analyst. This key player operates behind the scenes, shaping strategies, streamlining operations, and driving profitability. But what’s the financial reward for such pivotal work? Let’s delve into the realm of Business Analyst salaries.

We’ll explore how factors like experience, location, and industry impact these figures. We’ll also shed light on what prospective Business Analysts can expect as they step into this dynamic field. It’s a complex landscape, but we’re here to guide you through it. So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey together.

Business Analyst Salary

Digging into the specifics of a Business Analyst’s salary, one quickly understands the breadth of the profession. Salaries show a definite contrast in the financial compensation based on factors such as experience, knowledge and proficiency in key tools.

Entry-Level Business Analyst Salary

An entry-level Business Analyst’s salary recognizes that the individual only commences their professional journey.


On average, entry-level Business Analysts receive a salary of $55,000 per year, according to Payscale.

Average Business Analyst Salary

Progressing in their careers, Business Analysts with sufficient experience and acquired skills witness a rise on their paycheck. The average salary of an experienced Business Analyst, as reported by Glassdoor, stands at approximately $78,000 per annum. Though, the range tends to fluctuate between $67,000 and $92,000, considering factors such as industry, scope of responsibility and the level of expertise.

Senior Business Analyst Salary

The Senior Business Analyst Salary ranges from $88,000 to $115,000, per the data from However, it’s crucial to remember that this too can be influenced by the analyst’s years of experience, the complexity of the job, and the scale of the operations they handle.

Factors Influencing Business Analyst Salary

Geographical Location and Salary

Business Analyst salaries are notably affected by geographical location. For instance, cities like San Francisco and New York register higher averages, hitting around $93,000 annually. On contrast, smaller locations, such as Raleigh or Columbus, offer Business Analyst salaries around the national average of $78,000. Cost of living, company density, and market competition contribute to these location-based disparities.

Industries and Salary Variation

The industry a Business Analyst operates in also influences their salary. Technology and finance sectors often command higher salaries, with numbers soaring beyond $85,000 annually. Conversely, sectors like healthcare or manufacturing might offer average salaries closer to $70,000. The Business Analyst’s role significance, industry profitability, and necessary expertise level explain these industry-specific variances.

Experience and Salary Correlation

Experience forms a crucial factor in a Business Analyst’s salary. With entry-level professionals earning around $55,000, experienced analysts gather about $78,000 annually. As expertise and capabilities broaden, analysts find their way to senior roles, earning between $88,000 to $115,000. Jobs demanding specialized skills or advanced decision-making capabilities typically pay higher. Thus, experience breeds expertise, leading to salary increases over an analyst’s career.

Comparison of Business Analyst Salary Globally

It’s time to take a glance at the Business Analyst salaries on a global scale. To facilitate this, we’ll compare the average salaries of business analysts in three countries: the US, the UK, and Australia.

Business Analyst Salary in the US

Business Analysts in the US typically earn at a higher rate compared to most countries. On average, they secure an annual salary of approximately $78,000.


However, regional differences come into play, with some areas, like San Francisco and New York, offering higher earnings averaging around $93,000. In contrast, smaller regions such as Raleigh or Columbus align with the national average.

Business Analyst Salary in the UK

Shifting to the UK, the business analyst salary tells a diverse story. Here, a Business Analyst’s annual salary averages to roughly £40,000 (or approximately $55,000). London, being a major global business and financial hub, often sees higher salaries with averages reaching over £50,000 (approximately $68,000). Industries like finance and technology often present more lucrative opportunities in the UK.