Exploring the Talented Cast & Future of Family Business BET

In the world of television, there’s something uniquely intriguing about a family-run business. It’s a captivating blend of personal relationships and professional challenges that makes for compelling viewing.

This series explores the trials and triumphs of a family-owned business, with an ensemble cast that truly brings the story to life. From sibling rivalries to boardroom battles, Family Business BET Cast offers a fascinating glimpse into the dynamics of running a family business.

We’ll explore their roles, their performances, and the unique chemistry that makes this show a must-watch. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the series, there’s plenty to discover.

Family Business Bet Cast

The Birth and Evolution of Family Business BET

Family Business BET, an intriguing television drama series, emerged from the creative mind of Carl Weber. Premiering in 2019, this exciting series highlights the Dunkins, an alluring family involved in a prospering exotic car dealership. When certain events force their hand, they wind up involved in a risky yet lucrative underworld.

The well-assembled cast of Family Business BET has unquestionably become a backbone of its success.


With acting veterans like Ernie Hudson and Valerie Pettiford, the show dramatically conveys the essence of a complicated family dynamic. The Dunkins, played by Darrin Dewitt Henson, Javicia Leslie, and Clifton Powell, complete this compelling family saga.

Major Characters in the Family Business BET Cast

LC Duncan, the Patriarch of the Duncan Family

Portrayed by Ernie Hudson, LC Duncan stands as the commanding figure and patriarch of the Duncan family. He’s the proud owner of the exotic car dealership and his prowess in business has him highly respected within his professional and personal life. LC wields a sense of authority, undeniably, due to his position at the helm of the family business, and his influence doesn’t stop there. Outside business, he’s a family man deeply committed to his wife and children, and he expertly navigates dicey situations they face as an underworld begins to entangle them.

Chippy Duncan, the Matriarch of the Duncan Family

Played by the veteran actress Valerie Pettiford, Chippy Duncan lights up the screen as the matriarch of the Duncan family. She is LC’s wife and the rock that holds the family together amid intense trials. Chippy manages to maintain an air of grace, often being the voice of reason amidst the family’s chaotic life. Her love for her family knows no bounds, exhibited in her fierce protectiveness and willingness to stick together in the face of adversity.

Other Key Members of the Duncan Family

In addition to LC and Chippy, the Family Business BET cast includes numerous other key characters.


These include the children of LC and Chippy Duncan, each with their own unique personalities and challenges. Harris Faulkner plays the oldest child, Orlando; Clifton Powell and Javicia Leslie portray Harris and Nevada, respectively. All bring to life compelling personalities, adding layers of complexity to the Duncan family dynamic..

Behind the Scenes with the Family Business BET Cast

Training and Preparation of the Cast

To manifest authentic performances, the Family Business BET cast underwent rigorous training and preparation. Ernie Hudson, possessing decades of acting experience, set the bar high. To adapt to his role as an exotic car dealer embroiled in a risky underworld, Hudson embarked on extensive research. He also tapped into his own experiences, bringing an added depth to LC Duncan’s role.

Similarly, Valerie Pettiford didn’t take her part lightly. She researched her character extensively to encapsulate Chippy’s understanding, nurturing nature authentically. Moreover, Pettiford trained in metacognitive strategies, enabling her to picture complex family dynamics and portray them effectively.


Meanwhile, the younger cast members, including Harris Faulkner, Clifton Powell, and Javicia Leslie, approached their roles methodically. They underwent an intense process of studying their characters, rehearsing their lines, and perfecting their delivery. All these processes combined ensured that the cast portrayed the Duncan family accurately, providing viewers with an engaging and insightful viewing experience.